Розетка ( A1520BFNAWWM

Jung - A1520BFNAWWM - Розетка ( A1520BFNAWWM
Источник: Похожее изображение
Источник: Похожее изображение
A1520BFNAWWM 4011377189089 EAN/GTIN

8,45 € плюс НДС

15-17 Дней* (LVA)

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Type Socket, Protective contact yes, Protective earth contact, round yes, Number of active... больше
Розетка ( A1520BFNAWWM – Jung – 4011377189089: Type Socket, Protective contact yes, Protective earth contact, round yes, Number of active contacts (round) 2, With signal lamp no, With built-in USB power supply no, Number of units 1, Number of phases 1, Imprint/indication without imprint, Connection type Plug-in terminal, With hinged lid no, With increased touch protection no, Label space / information surface yes, Color white, Transparent no, Lockable no, Ejection mechanism no, With functional lighting no, With orientation lighting no, Overvoltage protection no, Residual current device no, With fine wire fuse no, Special power supply without special power supply, Mounting Flush, Fastening type Claw/screw fastening, Material Plastic, Material quality Thermoplastic, Halogen-free yes, Surface lacquered, Type of surface frosted, Antibacterial treatment no, With on/off switch no, With loop-through function no, Twisted central insert no, Rated current 16 A, Rated voltage 250V, Suitable for degree of protection (IP) IP20, Device width 55 mm, Device height 55 mm
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Type Socket
Protective contact yes
Protective earth contact, round yes
Number of active contacts (round) 2
With signal lamp no
With built-in USB power supply no
Number of units 1
Number of phases 1
Imprint/indication without imprint
Connection type Plug-in terminal
With hinged lid no
With increased touch protection no
Label space / information surface yes
Color white
Transparent no
Lockable no
Ejection mechanism no
With functional lighting no
With orientation lighting no
Overvoltage protection no
Residual current device no
With fine wire fuse no
Special power supply without special power supply
Mounting Flush
Fastening type Claw/screw fastening
Material Plastic
Material quality Thermoplastic
Halogen-free yes
Surface lacquered
Type of surface frosted
Antibacterial treatment no
With on/off switch no
With loop-through function no
Twisted central insert no
Rated current 16 A
Rated voltage 250V
Suitable for degree of protection (IP) IP20
Device width 55 mm
Device height 55 mm
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